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Pelham Jewish Center Weekly Services

We believe in Pikuah Nefesh, the principle in Jewish law that the preservation of human life overrides virtually any other religious rule. Pikuach nefesh is derived from the biblical verse, “Neither shall you stand by the blood of your neighbor” (Lev. 19:16).

Pikuah Nefesh means the PJC is once more meeting in-person and via Zoom.

Join us every Friday evening at 6:30 p.m. and on Saturday at 9:30 a.m. for in-person and available via Zoom Shabbat Services.

If you need a prayerbook, you can get one at the PJC during the week. Call the office to find out a good time to pick one up. You can also buy one HERE (on sale for $15) or download the relevant sections below.

Friday: Kabbalat Shabbat Siddur

Saturday: Shabbat Morning Siddur

Fun fact: According to pikuach nefesh a person must do everything in their power to save the life of another, even donate bodily organs. Two of our members have actually done just that, each donating a kidney to save the life of an educator in Washington State and a fellow member of the PJC.


Friday Night Kabbalat Shabbat Service: Together In-person & on Zoom

The Pelham Jewish Center offers weekly Shabbat services on Friday night. These Kabbalat Shabbat services involve singing and at times, dancing, using both traditional melodies and Carlebach niggunim (songs with no words). The service is egalitarian and liturgically traditional. It offers a chance to leave behind the stresses of the previous week and enter a space of timelessness and joy.

Friday night services continue to be filled with caring and love; we now include a breakout session to discuss themes posed by the Rabbi as well as prayers for the sick, medical professionals and essential workers.

Our service currently starts at 5:30 p.m.

A link to the virtual Zoom services is sent to members by email.

Non-Members are welcome, please contact the PJC for the link.


Shabbat Services on Saturday Mornings: Together In-person & on Zoom

Our weekly Shabbat morning service is liturgically traditional and egalitarian. It features spirited singing and prayer, a short weekly chanting of the parsha (section of the Torah read each Shabbat) and a Torah study presented by the Rabbi. Everyone is welcome regardless of background. 

Shabbat morning services start at 10:00 a.m. Non-members may contact the office for a link.

Hopefully, we soon will return to the day when each service is followed by a Kiddush luncheon, during which congregants and guests continue the discussion of the Torah Study, catch up with friends, meet new people, and nosh on bagels and lox.

Sun, December 5 2021 1 Tevet 5782