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First Fridays at Five Forty-Five

“First Fridays” at the PJC


Dr. Larry Cohen's fantastic idea – to create a large, vibrant Friday night experience at the PJC – came to fruition with the collaboration of Rabbi Alex Salzberg and Audrey Beerman. "First Fridays at Five Forty-Five" was born!


First, our PJC family gathers together for Kiddush, candle-lighting and a delicious Shabbat dinner – sometimes prepared by our own Adam and Magdalena Bukowski, sometimes prepared by our own talented congregants (including Griller-in-Chief Noam and Chef Danielle Gretz) and sometimes catered – always served with love. Everyone takes food – buffet style – from the library, and then moves into the Kiddush room to sit together for schmoozing, catching up and laughing. (It gets very loud very quickly!)


Following dinner, Rabbi Salzberg leads us in song – "Shalom Aleichem" or similar beautiful Shabbat melodies – to shepherd us into the sanctuary, where we enjoy a spirited and spiritual Kabbalat Shabbat and Ma'ariv service. During prayers, children are invited to move upstairs to enjoy special age-appropriate programming. After davening (prayer), we move back into the library for a delicious dessert (including the epic frozen custard of Mikey Dubbs, a.k.a. our own Michael Weissman).


About the Funding


The Natalie and Harvey Shore First Fridays Celebration Fund was founded in memory of the parents, in-laws and grandparents of Audrey, Hal and Ari Roy Beerman.


Natalie and Harvey raised Audrey at Temple Beth Am in Randolph, Massachusetts, under the leadership and lifelong friendship of Rabbi Loel Weiss. "Nat and Harv" were always active in shul life, and spent many wonderful times at synagogue celebrations. Nat loved the TBA Sisterhood, and made some of her very best friends there, often helping make events more beautiful with elaborate, handmade centerpieces. Harv served on the TBA Youth Committee – and briefly in a very lackluster season as USY volleyball coach – and also as Treasurer. Natalie and Harvey always found a reason to celebrate, and no occasion was too small for balloons and fanfare; they were models of making everyone feel noticed, special, important and cared for.


Harvey passed away at 61 years old on April 11, 2010, which enabled him to be at Audrey and Hal's wedding just two weeks prior. Natalie passed away at 70 years old on January 22, 2019, which enabled her to be Ari's Grammy for six wonderful years. The fund was created during shiva for Natalie – when Rabbi Salzberg graciously held a morning shiva minyan, complete with Torah service, at the Beerman home – when Audrey realized a shul-based fund centered around being together and having a good time was exactly the way to honor her parents' memory. They are deeply missed by their family and friends, and certainly would have loved First Fridays!

Sat, September 26 2020 8 Tishrei 5781