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One of the most moving moments of the High Holidays at the PJC is when we all sing together, when every voice becomes a part of the chorus, lifting our prayers and spirits higher than we ever could alone.  To create that experience this year, we invite you -- and encourage you! -- to participate in the PJC's "virtual choir"!  We would like to make two "compilation" videos, to be livestreamed as part of our High Holiday services.  These are videos that Avinoam and Havi made, and by doing this, we can create a virtual "kahal" -- a virtual community that sings together and prays together.

We picked our two favorite High Holiday piyutim (liturgical prayers) for this -- Keter Melucha and V'chol Ma'aminim.  Please make two (2) videos, one for each of these, and our wonderful film editor -- Neco Turkienicz -- will work his magic and turn each of our videos into a wonderful compilation video.  All we need now is YOU!

Please record yourself singing, dancing, clapping, drumming, playing an instrument or doing whatever you'd like in front of the camera -- and send us your video file.

Here's what you need to do:

1. Use the words attached (below) -- print them out if it helps.  You can sing some or all of the words, or NONE!  Lai Lai Lai's are good, too!

2. Listen to these tracks of Keter Melucha and V'chol Ma'aminim, with Avinoam singing, and practice singing or playing or dancing along.

3. Find a place that's BRIGHTLY LIT, set up a phone or web camera HORIZONTALLY to record yourself.  Then take another device (phone or computer) and PLAY Avinoam singing, while you record with the phone or web camera.

4.  Be sure to record yourself performing WHILE LISTENING TO THE SONG.  It's best if you listen to Avinoam using headphones while you perform, so the recording doesn't pick it up, but if you can't do that, just play it softly.  Do NOT sing or record yourself without listening to the original Avinoam track playing at the same time -- that will not work.

5. Sing the WHOLE song if you can -- or start at the beginning if you only sing part of it.  (For Keter Melucha, pick out at least one verse to sing out!!!)

6.  Sing with your family.  Sing while clapping.  Sing with your pets!

7.  Don't worry!  We want voices.  We want fun.  We want smiles.  We'll take several recordings of each song if you have them.  If you can't sing -- FAKE IT!

Submit your videos by Sunday, August 30th.  Email them to Neco at, or upload them to a DropBox or Google Drive or iCloud and send a link to Neco.

If you have any questions about this, you can call or email Neco or Jack (

Can't wait to be together with you all for the holidays!

Be sure to download the audio files before you begin to make your recording.

Click here for instructions as to how best to record yourself for this project.

Click here for Avinoam's recording of Keter Meluchah.

Click here for the text of Keter Meluchah (Hebrew, transliteration and English). 

Click here for Avinoam's recording of V'chol Ma'aminim.

Click here for the text of V'chol Ma'aminim (Hebrew, transliteration and English).

Sat, September 26 2020 8 Tishrei 5781