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Pelham Jewish Center: Sharing, Caring & Learning Together

Members of the Pelham Jewish Center on one of our summer trips to IsraelWe are eager to share our unique qualities and activities with you and we welcome you to consider joining the Pelham Jewish Center.

Our members are often involved in multiple synagogue activities, and many seek meaning and fulfillment in Judaism.   Some prefer our song-filled prayer, some prefer adult study, some join for the kids, some come for our Shabbat Kiddush lunch, and of course everyone joins for community.  As a member of our synagogue community you will find opportunities for connections, connections to a diverse people, to people young and old with whom you can share meaningful conversations, to ancient traditions and texts, to modern interpretations, to wonderful music and singing, to deeply soulful praying, and to many of the most important parts of life which we often neglect.

Our membership fills our sanctuary, our building, and now our homes, online and through Zoom, with people who sing, pray, dance, eat, talk and study together, and -- above all -- who share with one another laughter and tears, life's great joys and deep disappointments.   

We have many ways for our members to connect other than services and study: 

We have a Book Club, Women's Group, Food Lovers/Meshugah Chefs, PJC Players, Sing-alongs, members who participate in the Pelham Film Club, Social Action Committee, Hikers, Bicyclists and more. We welcome new ideas, as well.

For additional Membership information, please call or email us directly at (914) 738-6008,, or email our Membership Chair -- Marjut Herzog

For a copy of our current Membership Application, please click here.

Support for Members

Please let us know if you are in need of assistance of any kind or know of anyone who is in need. 

Kol Yisrael arevim zeh bazeh -- all of Israel is responsible for each other. 

Help us to help you by keeping us in the loop. Whether you need someone to talk to, or groceries/medicine delivered or have a private pastoral matter to discuss, we are here for each other, even if we are not in the same room.

In 5780 (2020)

We PRAY Online

We CONNECT Online 

We SING Online

We SHARE Online  

We LEARN Online 

We COOK Online 

 We DRINK Online 

We LAUGH Online

We CARE Online…

But we hope to actually see you in the New Year of 5781!

Shanah Tovah! Happy New Year!

Sun, December 5 2021 1 Tevet 5782