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Costs and Payment Plans

Membership Dues, Fees and LC Tuition

2020-21 Membership Dues*

Individual $1,810
(Household with only 1 adult family member, with or without children.)
Family $3,140 (Household with more than 1 adult family member.)
Senior Family $2,190 (Both adults are 65 or older.)
Senior Individual $1,330 (Individuals are 65 or older.) 
Associate Member $1,330 (Dual synagogue member.)
Junior Family $1,330 (Both adults are 40 or younger.)

Miscellaneous Fees

Building Fund $2,500 (Payable over 5 years.)
B'nei Mitzvah Fee $1,050  



Learning Center Tuition*

Nitzanim    $990 (Free for the 1st Year of Attendance)
Gan    $990  
Alef  $1,740  
Bet  $1,740  
Gimmel  $1,740  
Daled  $1,740  
Hei  $1,740  
Vav  $1,740  
Zayin  $1,740  
High School  $1,100 (or $550 for Half-Time Attendance)
High School Pizza Program    $250 (or $125 for Half-Time Attendance)
Family Activity Fee      $36  

* Financial aid and confidential payment plans are available.  To download a copy of our Membership Dues, Fees & LC Tuition information sheet, please click here.  If you require assistance with Membership Dues or Learning Center tuition, please contact David Haft, President, or Mitchell Cepler, Treasurer, to make a confidential arrangement.  

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