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Zayin/B'nei Mitzvah Class -- 7th Grade


Meets 2 Days a Week -- Tuesdays & Thursdays, from 4:30-6:30 p.m.


The Program


Students will continue to develop their Hebrew language skills as they master the Torah and Shabbat services.  They will learn about Mishnah (Pirkei Avot) and midrash in order to understand how the Torah inspired the development of commentary and related literature.  Students will discuss modern day life decisions and will debate the Jewish Law perspective on them, with the use of text study.


Students will learn about Jewish History based on their own personal family history.  Zayin class students will learn about Jewish communities around the world and in Israel throughout history.  Students will engage in discussions on the theme of Jewish Identity, as well as reflect on how Judaism can inform one’s daily choices and actions.  Students will learn about Torah commentary, through Rashi, and then learn to craft their own commentary on a given Torah text.


Key Competencies


  • Torah/Mishnah: Examine their own lives and seek personal meaning in Torah and Pirkei Avot and related text.
  • Define the meaning of living Jewishly, related to acts of Tzedakkah (Righteous Giving) and Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World).  Find meaning through different exegesis tools.  Write and present a D’var Torah.
  • Prayers: Demonstrate mastery of the Tefillot (Prayers) and B’rachot (Blessings) for Torah and Shabbat services, including their purpose, meanings and origins.  Lead Kiddush in Kabbalat Shabbat and the Torah Service.
  • Hebrew: Continue the study of Hebrew language, both as a modern means of expression and as a vehicle for prayer.  Explore how Hebrew roots, suffixes and prefixes to find meaning in Jewish text and prayers.  Understand the importance of Hebrew in Jewish Life.
  • Jewish History/Israel: Learn the History of Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jewish Communities, the Haskalah, and the Birth of the Modern State of Israel; reflect on how Judaism has evolved over time.  Discuss and participate in making ethical choices using Jewish values as a lens.  Actively participate in Shabbat morning services, reflecting on how Jewish History and our diverse traditions impact our lives today.
Thu, January 20 2022 18 Shevat 5782