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VAV (6th grade)

VAV (6th Grade)

AGE 11

2 DAYS A WEEK/TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS -- 4:00-6:00 p.m.

Teacher: Rivka Kisling


The Program: 

Students will study and discuss selected texts of the weekly torah portion and learn different commentaries from our sages on each portion, as well as the lives and teachings of our late prophets. They will continue to study the prayers for the Shabbat service, (including the blessings for the Aliyah to the Torah and the Haftarah blessings). Students will work in the Mt. Vernon Soup kitchen to understand the meaning of Gmilut Hasadim (acts of loving kindness). Students will study Jewish History through the lives of Jewish Heroes of yesterday and today, the American Jewish Community, and the changing role of women in religious life.

Key Competencies: 

Bible: Understand the centrality of the Hebrew Bible in the life of the Jews across history, through the study of the lives of the late prophets.Connect between the Jewish values ofTzedakah (righteous Giving) and Tikkun Olam (making the world a better place), and the weekly Torah portion.

Prayers: the Amidah: Modim, Shalom rav, Hallel, Shalom Aleichem, Birkat HamazonBrachot Hatorah. Understand the role of the liturgical public readings in synagogue.

Hebrew: Develop Hebrew conversational competency through daily life situations.

Jewish History: Understand the life of the Jews in Europe and the US before and after the Holocaust; have a basic understanding of the impact of the Holocaust on Jewish life and on Jewish continuity.

Learning Materials: 

Hebrew: "Shalom Ivrit" 2

Tefillah: "Sefatai Tiftach" vol. 1(continued from Kitah hei)

Torah: "Torah Toons", "Zot Ha-Torah", "Bible People-Book 3"

Jewish History: "Jewish Heroes and Jewish Values" , "The History of the Jewish people"

Special Activities: 

~Vav Class Soup Kitchen  

~Parent's Orientation 

~Family Trip to Museum of Jewish Heritage 

~Vav Living Museum & Family Program 

~Tu B'shvat Seder with Parents 

~Book Club Siyyum with Parents 

~Purim-Megillah Reading, Carnival and Seudah 

~Passover Model Seder with Parents 

~Yom Ha'atzmaut Celebration with Parents 

~Vav WAHS Shabbaton 

~USCJ - Hiddon Ha-Torah Torah Contest – Torah Study 


For More Information, please do not hesitate to contact: Ana Turkienicz, PJC Education Director, @

Wed, July 28 2021 19 Av 5781