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BET-GIMMEL (2nd & 3rd Grades)

BET-GIMMEL (2nd & 3rd Grades)

AGES 7 & 8

2 DAYS A WEEK/TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS -- 4:00-6:00 p.m.

Teacher: Morah Elise Goldenberg


The Program: 

Students will continue with the narratives of Genesis and the Book of Exodus. In addition, they will continue with Hebrew and Prayer skills. They will learn about different cities in Israel, their history and geography, and do personal research about aspects of Israeli life to present to others in their class. Students will learn about the Modern Exodus of the Ethiopian Jews, and create Tzeddakah (Social Justice) projects.

Key Competencies: 

Bible: Become familiar with the narratives of Exodus and learn to approach the text critically by asking questions and finding creative answers.

Holidays: Deeper understanding of the Jewish Holidays, including traditions, origins and their connections to Ancient and Modern Israel

PrayersBirchot Mitzvah, Barechu, the Shema and her Brachot, Yotzer Or, Ahavah Rabah, Veahavta, Mi-Camocha, Aleinu, Kiddush. 

Hebrew: Develop a Modern Hebrew vocabulary and learn to identify the Hebrew roots, prefixes and suffixes in given words from the Siddur.

Learning Materials: 

Hebrew: "Ulpan Alef"

Tefillah: "Sefatai Tiftach Vol.1", "The Synagogue"

Torah: "Being Torah" + Student Commentary

Holidays:"The Book of Jewish Holidays"

Israel: "Welcome to Israel"

Special Activities: 

~Parent's Orientation

~The Learning Center Family Museum Day

~LC Seder Tu B'shvat With Parents

~WAHS Zimriyah @ Bet-El, New Rochelle

~Bet-Gimmel, Daled, Hei, Vav Book Club Siyum with Parents

~Purim-Megillah Reading, Carnival and Seudah

~Passover Model Seder with Parents

~Yom Ha'atzmaut Celebration with Parents

For More Information, please do not hesitate to contact: Ana Turkienicz, PJC Education Director, @

Mon, April 19 2021 7 Iyyar 5781