Board of Directors & Committee Chairs

2019-20 Board of Directors & Committee Chairs

President & Director Michael Dvorkin
Executive Vice President & Director Audrey Beerman
Treasurer & Director Mitchell Cepler
Secretary & Director Mark Levine
Director & Communications Chair Barbara Saunders-Adams
Director & Education Chair Marjut Herzog
Director & Fundraising Chair

Liz Tzetzo

Director & House Chair Marcelo Nacht
Director & Membership Chair  Jeremy Schulman
Director & Programming Chair Wendy Prince
Director & Religious Practices Chair Shelley Klein
Director & Social Action Chair Rhonda Singer

Director & Sustainability Chair

David Radvany

Adult Education Coordinator

Jeanne Radvany

B'nei Mitzvah Program Coordinators

Michelle Dvorkin & Judy Shampanier

B'nei Mitzvah Project Coordinator

Cheryl Goldstein

Kiddush Coordinator

Leah Leonard


Barbara Saunders-Adams

 Hakol Editor

Barbara Saunders-Adams

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