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Lifelong Learning at the PJC

Welcome to the Pelham Jewish Center, a joyful place of learning, friendship and community.  

At the Learning Center (LC), loving teachers inspire and empower our students and families to celebrate their connection to the Jewish people.  Our students gain a richness of tradition because we provide the nurturing and skills to forge daily and seasonal rhythms of Jewish life.  To register your child(ren) for our 2021-22 LC program year, please click here.  To complete an updated Medical Information form, please click here.

Our adult learners  study Torah, other books of the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) and the wisdom of the Sages while engaging in discussion, debate, and deepening friendship; all essential components of a rich and meaningful Jewish life. 

Lomdim B'Yachad -- Learning Together

Lomdim B’Yachad -- Learning Together -- לוֹמְדִים בְּיָחָד

It’s like Summer Camp, all year round!

At the PJC Learning Center, we have crafted an engaging, stimulating and welcoming Hebrew School program for students aged 3-17. Our innovative Religious School program incorporates the best practices in Jewish learning and experienced, creative educators, with the goal of promoting the love of Judaism and Jewish peoplehood.  Our students feel that they belong to a big family, that the PJC is their home and their classmates and class counselors (madrichim) are their siblings.

The weekday program is combined with an exciting weekend Family Education program that generally takes place on one Friday, one Saturday and one Sunday per month. We see the Religious School program and the Family Education program as one integral Jewish Educational Model, which aims to bring family members further on in their individual Jewish Journeys, in their unique pace and according to their different needs and interests.

For details about our Family Education Program, click here.  For a full description of our Lomdim B’Yachad Program, see below:

Early Childhood (Pre K- 2nd Grade)

Our Early Childhood Program -- Nitzanim (pre-K), Gan (K), Alef (1st Grade) and Bet (2nd Grade) -- exposes students from an early age to the Hebrew language and alphabet through songs, games, arts and crafts and innovative learning technology.  Students experience the Torah (Bible) stories through puppetry, drama and story-telling activities. Students learn about the Jewish holiday cycle through hands-on experiences, cooking and baking, and are thrilled to bring home the special flavors of Judaism to share with the whole family.  Bubby and Zeide will be so proud and amazed when they see how well the little ones read Hebrew!  For more information on our Nitzanim program, click here.  For information on our Gan program, click here.  To learn more about our Kitah Alef class, click here.  Our Kitah Bet information may be found here.

Grades 3-6

Students in Grades 3-6 learn in a kibbutz-style “learn by doing” model; learning happens in small- and multi-age groups, geared towards the students’ own interests.  Students can choose from a menu of options on how to learn about Jewish History, Bible, Hebrew, Jewish Holidays, Israel and Jewish Prayer.  Our goal is to empower students to feel proud of their Jewish heritage and develop their leadership skills, so that each student is a leader in their own individual way. Learning takes place in small groups, as well as in community, and we invite families to participate in our weekend activities -- both in house and off campus. Families are encouraged to take part in Kabbalat Shabbat, Havdalah and holiday experiences, forging new connections and friendships with other members of our community.  Click here for more information.

B'nei Mitzvah

Our B'nei Mitzvah class students (7th Graders) prepare for their B’nei Mitzvah not only academically, but also socially.  They receive leadership responsibilities that will empower them to become proud, young Jewish adults and to contribute to the world around them.  Click here for more information.

Hebrew High School

Our Hebrew High School is a hub for our teens to discuss and debate, as well as to extend the possibilities for Tikkun Olam, with our Gesher Teen program.  Our teens are also class counselors, our madrichim, engaging with our younger children as Jewish role models and “older” siblings.  They bring a priceless contribution to our holistic vision of Jewish education and community building.  Click here for more information.

The PJC Learning Center is your go-to educational community for Jewish learning.  We welcome your questions, suggestions and ideas.  Our doors are always open, and we seek your feedback to continue striving for great Jewish learning in our community.  We look forward to a joyful year of meaningful Jewish learning, full of discovery and celebrating together the magic of Jewish life.

Questions?  Please do not hesitate to contact our Education Director, Ana Turkienicz, via email at or via phone at (914) 738-6008.

PJC Learning Center -- A Gift to Your Child

2021-22 Learning Center Calendar

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